Monday, March 26, 2012

Clue: A Rip-Roaring Success

As you all know, we sometimes come up with nutty events here. While we work hard to present many exhibits and excellent educational programs, sometimes we want to just let our hair down and use our resources in a fun way that will draw new visitors to the house. Or, of course, pull back our members and repeat visitors to enjoy the house in a new way. That's why we initially started up our Graveyard Shift Tours (spooky nighttime tour with information on Victorian seances, and mysterious happenings in the house), and that's also why we decided to do "Get a Clue" tours, which are based on the wonderful board game Clue.

The tours launched this past weekend, and were such a success that we think we'll do them again over the summer. Let's give you a tour of some of the suspects... (pictures by Summar Elguindy of Sea Tea Improv!)

Was it the Connecticut Yankee in the Drawing Room with the baseball bat?

... or maybe that CT Yankee was acting suspiciously in the conservatory?

Huck Finn in the Hall? His only weapon here seems to be an indomitable spirit.

The Duke in the Billiards Room with the Rope. He seems to be taking it oh-so-seriously.

Becky Thatcher in the Library with the Lead Pipe is the scariest Becky ever.

Katy Leary, the Clemens maid, is not really a suspect-- but she's inviting you into this house of mayhem.

Aunt Polly & The Prince/Pauper seem to have formed a cross-book friendship in the Bedroom, but what you can't see is that she's got a Revolver in her apron, and he's got a Knife under that crown.

Queen Morgan Le Fay: The Wench with the Wrench takes a second to check herself out in mirror by the Schoolroom .

Murders all over the place!

... but what would it all be without Muff Potter, normally hanging around the Kitchen looking for booze? We know from Tom Sawyer that he's harmless, but... everyone's a suspect.

Keep an eye out for our next installment in July! (Exact dates TBD.)